Startup to Sorting

The CytExpert for SRT features automated workflow with innovative setup, monitoring, and stream maintenance systems. Novice users can learn how to operate the system quickly, allowing researchers to spend more time on biological questions and experimental design. Built-in algorithms provide real-time calibration and make sure the right drop delay is assigned factoring in ambient temperature and particle sizes. Stream adjusts and is monitored automatically to help ensure that droplets reach the target tube or well.

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Click the button and follow the prompts on the screen. Install the nozzle and click next. The system completes diagnostic tests, pressurizes, and starts the stream in less than 10 minutes.

Instrument QC

Instrument QC is the same process as on the CytoFLEX platform and uses the same QC bead. This routine takes less than 5 minutes.

Sort Calibration

The software defines the droplet parameters and completes the side stream parameter settings. The drop delay is determined and drop delay values are given. Total time ~6 minutes.


User interface allows operators to quickly set up complex sort logic for four independent streams quickly: select population, sort mode, collection tube volume, and target count.


System Shutdown procedure rinses the sample lane and perfuses the flow cell to prevent saline accumulation. Long-term shutdown routine prepares the instrument fluidics for inactivity exceeding 7 days. System liquid is replaced with 70% ethanol solution to prevent microbial growth. Multiple pre-programmed preventive maintenance procedures are available.


Carry out an aseptic clean if the instrument has not been used for more than 30 days or prior to performing an aseptic sorting. The procedure will perfuse 10% bleach through the instrument fluidics and soak per the user specified time. After rinsing with deionized water, an additional perfusion of 70% ethanol will be conducted. The instrument will be prepared for idle by perfusing with sterile sheath fluid.

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