Fluorospheres & Quality Control

Comprehensive QC solutions and versatile support reagents for your flow cytometry analysis. 

Daily calibration and standardization of flow cytometry systems are critical components of the daily QC process. Our product portfolio helps to ensure that the system is optimized and ready to produce accurate and precise results. 

The Cyto-Comp Cell Kit provides lyophilized human lymphocytes that are used to establish and monitor color compensation where multi-color flow cytometry assays are performed. Stem-Trol Control Cells are positive control cells for absolute CD34+ stem cell enumeration. Our wide variety of assay and staining controls, as well as full process controls, are powerful tools for clinical and clinical research laboratories. 

Viability dyes to ensure meaningful results and support reagents, like buffers, cleaning and sheath fluids, complete the workflow solution offering from specimen to result. 
  • Optimal flow cytometry data using our reagents for instrument setup, quality control and absolute counting.
  • Comprehensive portfolio of viability dyes.
  • Cleaning reagents, buffers and sheath fluids for enhanced laboratory workflows.

Popular Products

Absolute Counting Beads

Total absolute cell count and percent lymphocyte values are usually obtained using the number of white blood cells and lymphocytes counted on an automated hematology instrument multiplied by the percentage of positivelystained cells measured on a flow cytometer.

Instrument Setup & QC

Beckman Coulter offers a variety of instrument setup, fluorospheres and quality control reagent products for optimum setup, daily maintenance and operation of your Beckman Coulter flow cytometer.

Support Reagents

Necessary reagents for the daily maintenance and operation of your Beckman Coulter flow cytometer. Support reagents are grouped into several different categories based on their use and functionality with flow cytometers.

Viability Dyes

Stain live cells with viability dye and preserve your staining pattern after fixation for intracellular immunophenotyping.

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