Automated Next-Generation Sequencing Sample Preparation Methods


We partner with customers and leading technology vendors to develop and deliver the best solutions. Our vast portfolio of Biomek-automated next-generation sequencing sample prep methods are demonstrated to generate quality data using real-world samples, and includes a growing number of Illumina®-qualified NGS methods.

Review our methods list below and supporting application overview documents to find the kits you’re currently working with in your lab or those you plan to evaluate in the future.

BIOMEK i7/i5
Illumina AmpliSeq Cancer HotSpot Panel v2
Illumina AmpliSeq Cancer HotSpot Panel v3
Illumina AmpliSeq Focus Panel
Illumina TruSight Oncology 500 HT Panel
Illumina TruSight Tumor 170 Panel
NEB NEBNext Direct Cancer HotSpot Panel
TruSight RNA Pan Cancer Panel
IDT xGEN DNA EZ Library Prep Kit
QIAseq Targeted DNA Panel
QIAseq Targeted DNA Pro Kit
IDT xGEN Methylation Seq DNA Library Prep Kit
Watchmaker Genomics DNA Library Prep Kit
ATAC-Seq Library Prep Kit
IDT xGEN cfDNA and FFPE DNA Lib Prep Kit
Illumina AmpliSeq for Illumina NGS Kit
Illumina DNA PCR-Free Prep Kit
Illumina Nextera DNA Flex Library Prep Kit
Illumina Nextera XT Library Prep Kit
Illumina TruSeq DNA PCR-Free Kit
Illumina TruSeq Nano DNA Kit
NEB NEBNext Ultra II DNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina NGS
NEB NEBNext Ultra II FS DNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina NGS
NEB NEBNext Enzymatic Methyl Seq Kit
Oxford Nanopore Rapid Amplicon Barcoding Kit
Oxford Nanopore genomic DNA Barcoding Kit
Roche KAPA EvoPlus Library Prep Kit
Roche KAPA HyperPrep Kit for Illumina NGS Library Prep
Roche KAPA HyperPlus Kit for Illumina NGS Library Prep
Swift Biosciences Accel - NGS 2S Plus DNA Library Kit for Illumina NGS
Twist Library Preparation Kit (Mechanical & enzymatic fragmentation)
GenDx NGSgo Kit
Immucor MIA FORA Flex HLA Kit
Illumina AmpliSeq for Illumina NGS Kit
Illumina RNA Prep with Enrichment Kit
Illumina TruSeq RNA Library Prep Kit v2
Illumina TruSeq RNA Exome Kit
Illumina TruSeq Stranded mRNA Library Prep Kit
Illumina TruSeq Stranded Total RNA Library Prep Kit
Mercurius BRB-seq (Bulk RNA Barcoding) Library Prep Kit
Mercurius DRUG-seq RNA Library Prep Kit
Watchmaker Genomics RNA Library Prep Kit with Polaris depletion
Illumina Stranded mRNA Library Prep Kit
Illumina Stranded Total RNA Library Prep Kit
Lexogen QuantSeq 3' mRNA -Seq Library Prep Kit
NEBNext ARTIC SARS-CoV-2 FS Library Prep Kit
NEB NEBNext Ultra II Directional RNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina NGS
NuGEN Universal Plus mRNA-Seq Library Preparation Kit
Oxford Nanopore Midnight Covid Seq Kit
Qiagen QIAseq DIRECT SARS-CoV-2 Kit
Qiagen QIAseq miRNA UDI Library Kit
Roche KAPA mRNA HyperPrep Kit
Roche KAPA RNA HyperPrep Kit with RiboErase (HMR)
10X Genomics Single Cell 3’ kit- Library Preparation
NEB NEBNext Single Cell/ Low Input RNA Library Prep Kit
Takara SmartSeq HT Kit
Agilent SureSelect XT Kit
IDT xGen Hybridization Capture Kit
Illumina Nextera Flex Enrichment Kit
Illumina TruSeq Exome Kit
Illumina DNA Prep with Enrichment Exome 2.0 Kit
NEBNext Direct Genotyping Solution for Illumina Kit
Roche HyperCap v2.0 Hyb capture Kit
Twist Fast Hybridization and Wash Kit
Twist Standard Hybridization and Wash Kit

Method Key

Demonstrated Method: This indicates that the method was developed for a sample preparation kit following a vendor’s published manual protocol. Each one is tested with scientifically relevant samples and has yielded results that meet the kit vendor’s specifications either in a customer lab (customer demonstrated) or in a Beckman Coulter Life Sciences Lab (Beckman demonstrated). Beckman Coulter makes no claims or warranties regarding the use or performance of these methods.
Illumina Qualified Method: This indicates that Illumina’s analysis of libraries prepared with the Biomek-automated method has shown the libraries to perform comparably to those prepared manually. This method is not an Illumina product, and Illumina does not directly support this product. Illumina makes no representations or warranties with respect to this product.
Method created and provided by kit vendor.
TruSight Qualified method: These methods are co-developed by Illumina and the automation partner, undergo verification testing at Illumina and are alpha tested at a user site. The methods are installed and supported by the partner, but Illumina FAS will offer method training and will provide front line support. Technical support will also offer front linesupport in order to determine if the customer issue is the method/automation or the kit.

Biomek Automated Workstation Stations and methods are not intended or validated for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions. In some cases, method data was generated on pre-production automated workstations.

The automated methods identified are demonstrated methods only and are not validated by Beckman Coulter. Beckman Coulter makes no warranties of any kind whatsoever express or implied, with respect to this protocol, including but not limited to warranties of fitness for a particular purpose or merchantability or that the protocol is non-infringing. All warranties are expressly disclaimed. Your use of the method is solely at your own risk, without recourse to Beckman Coulter. Not intended or validated for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions. The demonstrated methods are available through Beckman Coulter automation field applications team.

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