Automated Nucleic Acid Sample Preparation Methods for Biomek i-Series Workstations

We offer a growing portfolio of Biomek-automated nucleic acid sample prep methods utilizing our own SPRI bead-based genomic reagent kits and other leading technology vendors. Each method is demonstrated to generate quality data using real-world samples by internal application scientists and customer laboratories.

Review our methods list below and supporting application overview documents to find the kits you’re currently working with in your lab or those you plan to evaluate in the future.

BIOMEK i7/i5
Agilent TapeStation 2200 Plate Setup for analysis of DNA Fragments
Beckman AMPure XP Reagent – PCR Purification Kit
Beckman CleanSEQ Reagent – Dye Terminator Removal Kit
Beckman SPRIselect Reagent – Size Selection Kit
COVARIS DNA Shearing Plate Setup for E220 Focused Ultrasonicators
Promega Wizard MagneSil Tfx Plasmid Purification System
Quantitation/Normalization Protocols
Roche Kapa Biosystems Library Quantification Kit – Illumina (96 and 384)
Apostle MiniMax™ High Efficiency cfDNA Isolation Kit – Isolation of cFDNA from Plasma
Beckman DNAdvance – DNA Isolation from Tissue System
Beckman FormaPure XL DNA Kit – DNA Isolation from FFPE Tissue
Beckman FormaPure XL RNA Kit – RNA Isolation from FFPE Tissue
Beckman FormaPure XL Total Kit – DNA and RNA Isolation from a Single FFPE Tissue Sample
Beckman GenFind v2 Kit – DNA Isolation from Blood
Beckman GenFind v3 Kit – DNA Isolation from Blood, Cells & Serum
Beckman RNAdvance Blood Kit – RNA Isolation from Blood
Beckman RNAdvance Cell Kit – RNA Isolation from Cells
Beckman RNAdvance Viral Kit – RNA Isolation from Viral samples
Beckman RNAdvance Tissue Kit – RNA Isolation from Tissue
Cytiva Sera-Xtracta HMW Kit
Cytiva Viral Pathogen RNA Isolation Kit
Demonstrated Method: This indicates that the method was developed for a sample preparation kit following a vendor’s published manual protocol. Each one is tested with scientifically relevant samples and has yielded results that meet the kit vendor’s specifications either in a customer lab (customer demonstrated) or in a Beckman Coulter Life Sciences Lab (Beckman demonstrated). Beckman Coulter makes no claims or warranties regarding the use or performance of these methods.

Biomek Automated Workstation Stations and methods are not intended or validated for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions. In some cases, method data was generated on pre-production automated workstations.

The automated methods identified are demonstrated methods only and are not validated by Beckman Coulter. Beckman Coulter makes no warranties of any kind whatsoever express or implied, with respect to this protocol, including but not limited to warranties of fitness for a particular purpose or merchantability or that the protocol is non-infringing. All warranties are expressly disclaimed. Your use of the method is solely at your own risk, without recourse to Beckman Coulter. Not intended or validated for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions. The demonstrated methods are available through Beckman Coulter automation field applications team.

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