TEMPO™ Automation Control Software

Dynamic Scheduling for Automation Systems

TEMPO™ Automation Control Software is a research-friendly interface for scheduling Access System protocols. It manages all tasks — including sample management, plate handling, liquid handling, detection, and LIMS updates. TEMPO™ is included with all Access Systems and interfaces directly with all compatible versions of Echo® Software Applications.

  • Set up email alerts and notifications
  • Monitor device use and maintenance
  • Track incubation variances
  • Stagger the tasks in a process
  • Compare runs with Gantt charts
  • Manage plates and data in real time
  • Activate structured error recovery
  • Customize reports
  • Validate custom runs

Simplify Prioritization and Tracking

Automatically prioritize and track a protocol from storage to detection. Integrated Echo Liquid Handlers are assigned the highest priority, followed by user-defined priorities. This approach simplifies scheduling without compromising flexibility. In the event of an error, the software provides real-time plate and device information, greatly accelerating recovery. It accommodates a variety of input and output file formats.

Device Driver Options

Microplate Handling
750mm or 1160mm Precise Flex Robot

Liquid Handling
Echo® 5XX Liquid Handler Series
Echo® 65X Liquid Handler Series
Echo® 65XT Liquid Handler Series

Bulk Dispenser
Thermo Scientific Multidrop Combi nL
Thermo Scientific Multidrop Combi
BioTek MultiFlo FX
Deerac LXP
F&G Certus Flex

Plate Washing
BioTek EL406™ washer

Real-time qPCR
Roche LightCycler® 1536, 480

Multimode Reading
PerkinElmer EnVision® Reader
BMG PHERAstar, ClarioStar, and Omega Series

Plate Sealing
KBiosystems KAPS-500 Adhesive Sealer
Agilent PlateLoc Heat Sealer

Seal Remover
Brooks XPeel

Capper / Decapper
Brooks Life Sciences IntelliXCap
Brooks Life Sciences IntelliXCheck

Agilent Microplate Labeler (VCode)

Agilent Microplate Centrifuge (VSpin)
BioNex HiG3 Centrifuge

Thermo Scientific Cytomat® Incubators
and Ambient Hotels
HighRes Biosolutions AmbiStore D & M
HighRes Biosolutions MicroServe Stacker
HighRes Biosolutions NanoServe Stacker
Mecour Thermal Tower

Thermal Cycler
Inheco ODTC 96, 384

Plate Shaker
Inheco Teleshake 1536
Q-Instruments Bioshake


*Beckman routinely adds industry leading devices and can develop drivers on request