Extraction d'ADN à Partir de Tissu

Le kit Agencourt® DNAdvance est une méthode reposant sur la technologie unique SPRI® servant à traiter l'ADN génomique provenant de différents types de tissus. Offrant un rendement accru d'ADNg de qualité supérieure par rapport aux autres kits comerciaux, le kit Agencourt® DNAdvance est, de plus, entièrement automatisable.

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Turnaround and Scale
Combining the DNAdvance kit with Biomek Workstations offers a high throughput and walk-away solution; 15 mins hands-on-time for 96 samples and 1 hr 46 mins for 96 well plate.

High Recovery of Nucleic Acids
DNAdvance consistently delivers superior recovery of nucleic acids. Isolate up to 40 ug of DNA from a variety of tissue types, e.g. brain, kidney, liver, lung, and tail.

Downstream Applications
DNA isolated with DNAdvance is compatible with a variety of downstream analysis tools such as PCR, qPCR, SNP genotyping, and sequencing.

Product Specifications

Application Uses Genomic DNA
Format Liquid
Starting Sample Material Tissue
Automated Available Yes
Item Specifications Referenced A48706

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