SPRIselect, 450 mL

Product No:B23319

SPRIselect for Size Selection

SPRIselect 450 mL reagent kit (B23319) is a SPRI-based chemistry that speeds and simplifies nucleic acid size selection for fragment library preparation for next generation sequencing (NGS). SPRIselect yields consistent size selections without bead calibration between reagent lots. Suitable for manual or automated workflows - the SPRIselect method can be run on a variety of Biomek platforms that offer minimal hands-on time.

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Application Uses Purification & Clean-up, Nucleic Acid Sample Prep, DNA Size Selection, RNA Size Selection, NGS Clean-up, PCR clean-up, including size selection
Format Liquid
Starting Sample Material PCR Reaction, NGS Library Preparation
Volume 1 x 450 mL
Automated Available Yes

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